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Meet Martha

Meet Martha Wright

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Bean Faesa, Bean Sidhe, Bean Leighis, Shaman 

Hi - I'm Martha.


As a person: I am a curious, compassionate and open minded, a jokester, obsessed with hummus, and a dog lover. I will honor where you are on your path and how you identify. I am a LGBTQ+ ally and proud to believe that everyone deserves LOVE.

As Shaman: I am a clear powerful vessel for the Goddess Mothers (Quanyin, Danu, Brigid, Isis, Sekmet, Mary...), ethical and integral, respectful of boundaries, and here to help honor your highest good without attachment to the outcome. I check ego at the door and am in service of the Divine - and that includes the divine light inside of YOU.

I am filled with gratitude that you are here with me, reading these words. I invite you to consider my experience as I have walked the difficult and delightful path of healing and am committed to continue expanding so I can best support others.

Learn about my experience on the Shamanism + Martha page 

Why Shamanism?



Knowing yourself, your path, and your reason for being - so you can fulfill your potential.


Heal the body's memory of offensive and painful situations - bringing forgiveness and compassion to the self. 


Bringing and integrating tools and information into the bodies, empowering and expanding consciousness

Soul Healing

Retrieve and integrate part of your soul/light that was stuck in a past traumatic event. Shift anxiety, depression, and detachment into embodiment, comfort, clarity and focus.


Heal the discord and strengthen the bonds. feel the wisdom of the elements and co-create with allies of earth. 


Converse with your spirit guides, and build your human support system as you grow in your own spiritual self awareness.



Individual Session

Your desire to heal and grow is taken very seriously by me. I will do my best in honoring your intentions as well as following the wisdom of my spiritual guides. As such, each individual session is built out to have enough time for conversation so that you are well informed about the process and feeling at ease, and so that I might best understand how to support your healing journey.


3 Pack of Individual Sessions

As such, each individual session is built out to have enough time for conversation so that you are well informed about the process and feeling at ease, and so that I might best understand how to support your healing journey. I recommend a package of 3 sessions to hone in on any "topic" that you wish to work on. This is a discounted rate for the 3 session package.


Beauty Course

This 3-week course will help you unpack the layers of conditioning and find YOUR beauty.

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The Spiral Path

This one-on-one mentorship awakens your inner wisdom and wildness. Whether your path is as a shaman, a healer, a seer or channeler... this mentorship will enrich your path into self-discovery, embodiment, and activati.


Rolling admission, though I only accept THREE mentees at a time so you have my focused attention.

Group Classes

Whether you have a calling, a deep stirring, or a curiosity about connecting with Spirit - I teach two group online classes each year that will help sharpen your intuition, discernment and connection with your Spirit guides and ancestors.



Whether you are going through puberty, moving out on your own, or experiencing older age - perhaps you are going through a divorce, or getting married - let's say you have gone through a huge life change, or a deeply heart-wrenching loss. Life is full of opportunities to grieve, grow, celebrate, forgive, and extend gratitude. Honor those moments of life to the fullest extent through a ceremony.



Chakra's be Spinning

The class covers the foundational purpose of each chakra. Dive deep into understanding your chakras to empower and inspire your healing journey.


Check Yourself

At the start of any spiritual journey - get a strong energetic and self-awareness foundation and you will be able to flow harmoniously on your path.



“Martha has an innate sensitivity and compassion that has been nourished to bloom into a powerful energetic force. She doesn't abuse this power that she has, but rather uses it for good, for healing, and for soothing unrest. The light she emanates is tangible without being overwhelming for those who don't share her gift. Her humility and approachability help me to trust her completely, which allows me to surrender in a way that is surely important and helpful for her work, but is undeniably beneficial for my Self.”

- Laura L.

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