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Sacred Support

Working with local counselors + Therapists

Welcome, new friend! This page is specifically for those recommended to work with me to support the healing relationship you have with your counselor or therapist.

Healing is not linear, and takes place in multiple layers of the body. Everyone can benefit from inviting in a second set of hands to help move blocks and make sense of energetics within the body to make progress.


My role here is to work with Spirit to heal the unseen spaces within the body so that your that your work together is more impactful. I support your physical body through energy work that helps to clear out the body from topics you have already covered in therapy, but it might not yet have sunk in with the body. Sessions are typically done on a massage table, with blankets and a pillow if desired, and in a bright room with really beautiful and loving vibes. Everything is explained before we begin and questions are welcome at any time - this is your session and I want to be sure you are as empowered as possible during the whole thing. 

Below you can choose between a one-time session (exclusively for referrals such as these) or a three-pack (my typical offering) to proceed. You will see a breakdown of each and links below.

Reiki Healing

One Single Session

I take your desire to heal and grow very seriously. I will do my best to honor your intentions as well as follow the wisdom of your spiritual guides. As such, your session is built out to have enough time for conversation so that you are well-informed about the process and feel at ease, and so that I can best understand how to support your healing journey. My guides and I will work to bring ease to your body, chisel away at blocks and help you somatically process trauma so that there is more room for you to embody your own light, vibration, and essence.


There might be various tidbits and perspectives that will come up which you can unpack with your counselor/therapist in future sessions.

The link below will take you to the sales page to set up your appointment with me. Please ignore the note that says "for returning clients only," as this set up is a special arrangement made for you.

Three Pack of Sessions

The three pack of sessions will be set 2-4 weeks apart in advance so that we can truly move through what you are seeking to heal. We will book these in our free intro chat (virtual 30 mins at least 1 day before first session). 


Consider this approach to cleaning out the attic.

First session we inventory and dust/clean up the surfaces. 

Second session, we open up the boxes and pull out that which is ready to be released, freeing up lots of space.

Third session, we reorganize and do more cleaning, so that it is settled into a new and fresh space!


You are the attic, "we" is me and my guides doing the work 🥳

If you wish to book this, and could benefit from a discount - please use RVA100 at checkout to get $100 off the full package.

Holding Hands
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