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This one on one mentorship program welcomes the naturally intuitive person to become one who lives with the essence of Spirit interwoven in their body, heart and actions. Weaving teachings of core shamanism with the Celtic spiral, Egyptian mysteries and Earth-Goddess rites, this mentorship guides you on the path of owning and embodying your medicine.


This mentorship begins with a ceremony of connection – a sacred contract where we express hopes for the experience and intentions for our path, understanding that Spirit will guide us where we are meant to be. 

The mentorship includes meeting every two weeks to go over where your growth has taken you, how you wish to shape further, and space for journeying, healing, or other activations. Two weeks provides space for exploration, integration, and reflection in between meetings. The container is held by the rich resources that Martha has available – including recordings of classes, breathwork, workshops, and info sheets that stem from core shamanism (journeying, channeling), breathwork (somatic awareness and embodiment), and work as Bean Feasa (energy healing, connection to natural cycles,  and wisdom keeper) – that can be provided as supplements for self-study.


Our medicine is only as strong as our relationship with our Spirit helpers, so Martha will begin your mentorship with learning your own metaphorical language of working with, and listening to, Spirit.


From this point, the journey will weave depending on what needs to strengthen, and what eneds to release, to find the flow between polarities within you. Interconnectedness of Sun and Moon, Yang and Yin, are within each of us – the desire is to find what stasis looks like for you, and how you engage with life as the flow between the two are constantly exchanging. 


The central curvature of the Spiral is recognizing that we must do the work within ourselves before we can hold space for others to walk the path. The deeper we walk within our own woundedness and conjure awareness, compassion and love, the brighter and stronger we are at supporting others.  

Expect to experience rites of passage ceremonies that help to shed the old you as you rapidly evolve and expand into who you are meant to be. Through honoring the traditions of ceremony, we honor the significant changes within our lived experience and recognize our succession on the Spiral path.

​More than gaining tools and re-embodying ancestral methodologies, this path takes you on a deep journey into the cave of your own self. On this journey you will go through the trials of facing pain and discomfort, and the joyful discoveries of reigniting your innate wisdoms. This mentorship supports you to bring compassion, forgiveness, and healing to all of your spiritual and inner landscapes.


My Commitment to YOU:


Spirit Led: As a Bean Leighis, Bean Feasa, Bean Sídhe, I am humbled by my connection with Spirit and do nothing without the best of my spirit-team at the helm. If I am delivering content, it is spirit- led. I do my best to deliver information in realistic and relatable terms, and from balanced heart space – not from ego.

Power Equity: As mentor, I value the role as student. Because of that, I will always be in apprenticeship mode alongside you. Through reading books, embracing apprenticeships from other mentors, or workshops – I will continue to grow and evolve myself. This not only keeps me informed and active in our “field” but also reminds us both that we are peers (no shady power dynamics over here!)

Fair Respect: As a human, I am grateful for your participation – and as such, I will do my work honestly, ethically and integrally to my highest potential to honor you on your path. Whether you need to be met with open mindedness, compassion, forgiveness, a smile, or tough love – I will do my best to support you as you grow and learn.


Practical Info:


There will be two online or in-person meetings per month, 90 minutes long (unless otherwise discussed) Duration of content class may change throughout based on material.


There will be set days available each week, and in between our gathering time, to go over content, experience, questions, ideas, shares, etc.


$440 USD per month

A sliding scale of $330-$660 is available for those who wish to invest more, or those who might need financial support


Some highlights along this path are invitations to learn how to:


  • Learn about pan-theistic core shamanism and what it means to live shamanically

  • Navigate life, and shifts, with your psychic gifts

  • Find your individual portal to the shamanic realm

  • Learn how to shamanically journey safely and with integrity

  • Receive wisdom from and heal with your ancestors

  • Connect and co-create with your spirit helpers

  • Ethics and wise practices for working with spirit

  • Allying with crystals, animals, and other helpers

  • Nurture the ancient practices of ritual and ceremony

  • Remember the sacred methodologies of energy healing

  • Cultivate soul-wellness

  • Support stewards of the land

  • Recognize signposts of indigenous appropriation

  • Gain an understanding of interdimensional connectivity

  • Activate your authentic self

Thank you for taking the time to read all of this. Sit with the information, see how it stirs in your body and if you have any questions or would like to book your inquiry call – please follow this link to the google form and I will be in touch shortly.

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