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Burning Bright with Summer Energy

Burning bright with summer energy? Here is a quick post on flowing with the message/medicine of the season.

Recently I had the absolute delight of going to ancestral lands in Scotland. It was amazing! Being out in the land with the summer sun bright and constant was unlike anything I had experienced before... the land was full of vibrant wildflowers, a zillion sheep, and waterfalls would creep through and down the rocky hillsides. The birds sang and flew in the sky, and the sun... well... the sun did not go to bed.

The sun set around 10 but it became dark around midnight, and then was back up around 3 am. I couldn't understand my body - I was tired, yet awake and ready to go. I felt zany. I missed darkness. This is the medicine of summer: the time when our expressive/active energy is in the driver's sea... to have all the energy to do all the things we set ourselves up for in the start of the year (with spring), and leading us on our path. So, how can we promote or harness our summer energy so we don't burn ourselves out? How can we maintain a steady flow without going looooooney!?

1- Remember those promises you made people? Remember the dreams and seeds you planted in the

spring? How are those items supporting your life purpose, if at all? Revisit the list. Where are you succeeding and where have you stagnated? Read and assess. It is perfectly okay to scratch something off the list, save it for the fall if it is not going to happen. But you might be surprised with now things turned out, OR, how your perspective shifted with experience and maybe you are glad something didn't happen how you had envisioned!

2- This is the time to shine bright - Get out there and be seen! If we don't do the things we set ourselves up to do, then we will leave the summer feeling unfulfilled and frustrated. Furthermore, we might find those experiences adding fuel to the fire of our insecurities. So even if you are nervous, GO FOR IT. Profess your love, try that new hobby, eat something new, explore the world, start that business!

3- Are you falling into old patterns? This is place for emotional and energetic work and healing. You need to hold yourself to the new standard you set for yourself when you aligned with your pure heart in spring. This is when we ask if we are fulfilling our purpose and plan - and if we are falling into old habits, patterns, and excuses, then there is some big work to be done. Don't beat yourself up for that, it happens. But now you know the truth of your energetic flow and it is up to you to choose new energy or staying stuck.

4- Make sure your actions are aligned with your word - aka be impeccable with your integrity and how you

show up in the world. Be aligned with your heart and truth, be focused on your path, do your absolute best

in your work, and honor yourself and spirit in your outcomes.

5- Don't forget to feel your blessings! What are you grateful for? Share it aloud, write it down, dance them, create an altar outside! Through expressing gratitude in words and actions we bring more joy to ourselves and offer joy to those around us.

No one will do your work for you - nor will anyone judge you if you fall short... The list you made was only

yours, so if something doesn't happen then no one else will really know. And you know what, if you do fall

short, you may find there is a lot more love and support around you than expected.

So make the most of this summer - pursue your dreams, choose to find places in your routine for YOU and your wishes. The year is cyclical... if you don't get it done this year, you have time to reflect, heal, grow and try again. If you DO get it done this summer, then congratulate yourself on amazing work and spend some time making an general outline plan on how to maintain momentum in a gentle way as we move into the increasing quiet and insular fall and winter.

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