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Channeled Messages August '23

I have been told often that my voice changes when I go into channeling or "work" mode in healings and journeys. My voice does indeed soften... but really what's happening is that I surrender my heart and voice to the Divine Earth Mother who is sharing her wisdom and healing through me. Essentially, the medicine is in my voice.

The Divine Mother has instructed me to record moments of channeling and share them with the community. I have recorded a few, and while I feel a little sheepish about sharing, I know its in my best interest to follow these directions, haha! I sometimes wonder if the words even matter... She is sharing something, and I am just the vehicle.

Without total clarity on how this will evolve, I am trusting and taking a step into the unknown with this initiative.

Jump into some of these musings here and please let me know how this goes for you.

Below are two... the others are found on this website - soundcloud (which doesn't need to be downloaded... it can play on a web browser without a subscription)

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