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Intuition and Discernment -part 2

What is the relationship between intuition and discernment? Or, what might discernment mean to you? To me, discernment is a quiet confidence, the ability to see and understand something for its truth. In part, it is the knowing behind your self- awareness. Discernment helps us to know if a choice is right for us, without criticism or emotional attachment. Discernment, in many ways, is the opposite of doubt.

Think of something that you are dubious about... how does it feel in your body? Maybe your stomach feels

uneasy, or you tend to turn and squint your eye to see if there is something in the depth of your vision that

could catch the aura of truth... Doubt tends to show up in the guise of wisdom, but truly under the cloak it is fear and anxiety. Discernment shows up like a strong leather jacket that fortifies our posture and an assuredness of mind that is unshakable.

How can we, then, know the difference and choose to employ discernment over doubt?

Here is a good example of the cloak of doubt when it is distracting me:

I used to be critical of deeply spiritual people. I used to say, “I will never be the person who uses woo-woo

language." I made jokes about it to ensure people knew me as separate from the extremists, and knew they

could 'trust' me as not being a charlatan. But what was truly wrong with woo-woo language? Its just

vernacular... its just words...

A large part of my issue was that I was afraid. I was scared of being completely trusting of spirit. Because if I trust it, and it fell short, what then could I then put my faith in? Ironically at the same time, if I was fully

committed to my spiritual practice. I knew I couldn't maintain this contradiction in my practice. What would it mean to be fully seen and heard? In order to progress, I had to dive into the doubt and heal those fears in order to move forward and be able to discern properly with emotional detachment or expectation. Through working with my fear I was able to turn doubt into an ally - I shifted her into a tool to help me know the truth of something so profoundly that there would be no confusion at all. Now, I am able to move confidently into my practice and fulfill my spiritual work.

For you, you can begin with something that you are quick to judge or toss away in your mind and heart. Sit

down and write a note to yourself... why do you react so? What emotions do you feel when thinking of this thing?

Journal when you find yourself reacting in social situations or alone. What is bothering you? What was

the overarching theme - and how might that be something in life that you could do, or earn, or change?

Basically, what is the doubt holding you back from? Or, if you cannot think of one thing, begin to journal when you have loud emotional responses to a situation. Journal, and then, find the patterns. The patterns will show you where your doubt kicks in - and what the doubt is holding you back from.

Then, through affirmations (that you can genuinely believe), shifting your perspective, or working with a shaman/healer (depends on the severity of the situation, really) - begin to see yourself and your place within that greater context in different light. Understand where the blocks are and see if you can make the blocks your allies so that you don't get blocked in the same way again in the future. How can this block help you see more clearly for yourself and your path in life?

As always, be kind to yourself as you learn and grow - it's not easy but it is possible. And for goodness sake,

as for help if you need it. Healers exist for a reason. You are not meant to move mountains alone! Believe

me, I could not have achieved half of my own work in the time that I have without my spiritual guides.

Find the blocks - understand your doubt - heal - and then shift into discernment... seeing the truth without emotion or judgement. Then you can truly be empowered to make the right choices for you.

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