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Intuition and Awareness -part 3

While discernment teaches us to be confident in our truth and witnessing without judgment or emotion,

awareness helps us know where our energy begins and ends in the space around us. Intuition and awareness is understanding what energy we are reacting to: if something we feel or experience is our own energy, or if what we feel is a response to, or created by, something external to ourselves. Typically, energetic awareness triggered from the outside has a lot to do with other people's emotions/intentions/expectations, or a violation of boundaries. Whereas, energetic responses from within has a lot to do with alerting if something is true and right for ourselves (regardless of other people's desires).

The best way you can know if the energy you are feeling is yours, at least initially, is by getting physical

space so you can get grounded and reconnect with your energetic "ground zero" or neutrality. What I mean by ground zero is, a balanced self - the neutral version of your energy.

For instance, you meet someone who wants you to go to a party with you this weekend... but you aren't so

sure... sounds like fun, certainly you are getting excited about it, but something just doesn't feel right. Let

the person know, “I need to go but I will get back to you.” Once you go home and alone, your body will

have time to decompress from the energy it experience around you earlier in the day. If you are no longer

excited, then you know it was likely the other person's energy you were feeling (not your own). If you go

home and you are still excited and know it is just right, then you are feeling your own energy and you can

say "yes!." If someone is pushy with you (and it is not your best friend who has your highest good at heart)

then that is an automatic "no" - pushy = someone else's agenda... for good or not, its not your truth being


So how do you learn your awareness? How do you learn what your own energy feels like so you can be

aware of how situations are impacting your intuition (your ability to know what is right for you or not)?

Learning your energy body takes practice and patience through witnessing your feelings and physical

sensations in a spectrum of social or professional situations. For example, if you are at work, and a colleague gets frustrated, and begins to make assumptions about others – the space around you might feel dark, heavy, sticky, or uncomfortable. This kind of energy can be a bit claustrophobic or overwhelming. In this situation, it is ideal to get some physical space to clean and get re-grounded in your energy body/ neutralize your energy.

Becoming a detective of your own physical, emotional and mental reactions in situations means checking inwith yourself often during social situations... Are you comfortable? Where do you feel uncomfortable? How does it feel? Did you say something that triggered this, or was it someone else's words/tone? How does your or their body language play into this?

If you need a break to get reconnected with yourself, here are some simple steps:

-get space - walk away, go to the bathroom, find a seat in a corner somewhere, go to your car...

whatever works for you

-get grounded – feel your feet in your shoes and feel the energy in your body grow downward,

through your feet and deep into the earth... or, count slowly to 10 then back to zero.

-wipe off the energy by imagining standing in a water fall

-create a boundary - buffer yourself with an orb of glittery white light or wear a crystal on your body,

put physical space between you and the other person(s)

-break the energetic link – think of a joke, remember a time of joy, love or laughter and lighten the


It is important to understand when the energy you feel is yours or not. It keeps us out of sticky situations that get us in trouble, or from deviating so far from our truth that we don't know how to get home to the heart of us (these are extreme sounding, but can be very easy to do, AND easy to heal/fix). Awareness enables you to not take on anyone else’s needs/desires/failings/pains or energy. That is energy they have to be accountable for, not project on to you to solve for them. Make sure you are not saying "I am sorry for__" something you did not do. As long as you are not forcing others to take on your problems, why on earth should you shoulder the blame for someone else??

The benefit of learning energy awareness? Simply put: a charged battery and fulfilled version of you. No

more agreeing to things that you don't want to do. No more feeling guilty because someone else is

unhappy about a dinner choice. Released relationships that do not uplift you or honor who you are.

Honoring your energetic awareness means you get to exist for you. Then when you show up for the ones

you love, and they love you in return, you have enthusiasm and joy in your body!

So, through witnessing your energy, and not taking on other people's needs/stuff, you will begin to honor

your truth and your boundaries more clearly. By doing that, you will be able to feel/hear/sense through your own energy when something is in your truth or when something is problematic. Empower yourself through your sensations! Once you learn it, you cannot unlearn it... it is yours forever!

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