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Intuition and Psychic Gifts -part 4

As I mentioned in the first of this four part blog series - intuition is broken down into a venn diagram of three main concepts: Discernment, Awareness, and Psychic Gifts. The physic gift takes the wisdom and sends it through the physical body - awareness helps know if that wisdom is genuine intuition or just a random thought - and discernment steps up to determine appropriate/best practical action items.

Intuition and psychic gifts are how the body/energy/logical mind makes “sense” of intuition from the physical body. This could translate as a song lyric heard in your mind or hearing music (clairaudience), or a complete knowing as if someone dropped the truth into your brain (claircognizance). It could also be felt in the body as an emotion or action - like your body physically rejecting something that is wrong for you (clairsentience), or moving your into/pushing you towards something that is right for you. Finally, some might see visuals - like pictures in the mind of what is the right choice forward (clairvoyance).

Everyone is different, and how your psychic gifts connect to you is not to be doubted or thwarted because

others don't have the same experience. In order to find what your psychic gift is, you have to

spend time evaluating the times where you had a distinct and significant choice and either suffered or celebrated the outcome.

For instance... when I was younger, I drove home alone from a party after curfew... I had been high earlier in the night and was finally sobering up and thought it would be safe. As soon as I left the party, something felt off. Instead of returning to the party for a friend (which is what my intuitive voice said initially), I began

driving home and was followed by a car that began to flash a spotlight onto my car. Now, any rational

person reading this would think "don't stop, call the cops." but I was not rational. I was underage, breaking

the law, and I was scared. As such, my awareness of the truth of what was going on was completely distorted by a thousand thoughts about ways I could get in trouble, and my discernment for what would be

appropriate action was buried under fear. My intuitive voice was yelling at me to call the police. I did not.

My rational mind overrode the voice and said "you will get in trouble and disappoint your family." Now, the rest of the story in short was a scary car chase through the suburbs and ended in me hiding in my neighbors bushes as the antagonists waited in front of my house for what felt like a millennium. In retrospect, they had bad intentions and I was unsafe. My intuitive voice told me what to do, but I dismissed it. When I think back to the way I felt and heard the voice, it helps me lock into my mind the familiarity of the voice so I might recognize it when another situation surfaced in the future.

Then, as I consider the other times in my life when I listened to my intuitive voice and trusted it despite all

opposition, I heard the very same voice... but with a different sensation around my body. During the

"negative" times there is an aura of fear and anxiety (fight flight or freeze sensation) around my truthful

intuitive voice. During positive times, I feel an aura of levity, cool breeze, and joy.

After much retrospection, and evaluating in-the-moment opportunities, I have been able to hear my

authentic intuitive voice. How might you do the same? Start by going to your past experiences where you

say something like "I just knew I should have done X..." Then, think of ways you can engage that voice in the present moment for your benefit moving forward.

Get calm and clear minded. Ask yourself (and by extension, your intuitive voice) a fundamental truth or

something that is an obvious yes question to see how your intuitive voice affects your body and mind (“my

name is X” or “I like sunshine!”), and follow that with a No answer question (“I am a Velociraptor”).

When we become familiar with which psychic gift we are strongest with and pay attention when it connects with us, we disempower others from manipulating or belittling our behavior, thoughts, and self expression. With the confidence of following your intuitive voice, you are able to flow with the truth of you and your heart... with the knowledge of the path you walk is in alignment with your highest self, and that when you heed your intuitive voice the right lessons and blessing will come your way.

Putting it all together:

When you have sat with your awareness, discernment, and your psychic gift, you should practice them out in the world. Tap into these gifts of communication in social or professional settings. How we internalize and react to other's words and physical movements - that is awareness. Whether or not you agree with the words or emotional energetic output around you – that is discernment. Finally, when needing to make a move forward (whether responding verbally, acting on a choice...) the wisdom that drops into your body the logical/practical choice – that is your psychic gift

Once you embody the three circles of intuition (awareness, discernment, psychic gift), we empower

ourselves, become more confident in our body, mind, emotions, and behaviors. Intuition helps us live a life

full of compassion, boundaries, heart, truth, and gratitude. With intuition, you can truly experience the

multiple layers of reality because when you know who you are, and what is right for you, you become your

own guiding light.

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