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Springtime Dreams

The leaves are out, the flowers have been blooming, and sumptuous veggies are starting to grace farmers


I had recently posted about how times of transition can be hard... moving from the dark quiet and insular

winter and into the spring is not an overnight thing... we have to be patient with ourselves and our bodies as

we go between the two.

But now that spring is here, how does this glorious season work with us energetically? How can we optimize our energy to plan our springtime dreams, and harness this season to the fullest potential!

Well, remember, winter was about self-healing, making space in our bodies by cleaning out the pains,

unresolved energy, and stagnant spaces within. That space is then available for new energy to come in -

bringing fresh opportunities, perspectives, and dreams.

Spring is the season of dreams. This is when we sow our seeds, literally and metaphorically, for what we want to grow in the year. Thinking of this in manifesting terms - this is when we make our list of intentions, of what we want to bring into our present rather than wishing to happen in the future.

But we must be patient and gentle with ourselves. We plant the seeds but they do not turn into trees

overnight... so what can we do to be patient while also proactive?

1- Give gratitude for how far you have come. Take a moment and have a little ceremony for your amazing

work! Treat yourself to something that will honor your body, soul and mind if possible. Allow this to be an

anointment of sorts to encourage becoming the person you want to become this year.

2- Allow the energy to shift in your body... move yourself physically! Get active! Start slow and do some

good stretching and cardio activity to get the blood pumping. The slow start to activity will enable us to be

fully prepared to be all activity during the summer.

3- Connect with your heart. You just did a lot of healing work, so who are you now? What do you want out of your life? What do you feel your purpose is, or instead, toward what are you feeling a calling?


4- Make a list of what you feel you want for your year. No more than 5 things if possible, keep it manageable. Remember, whatever you don't accomplish will need to be released in the fall - so less is more :) Then walk away. Take some time from your list and then revisit it... see how you feel about it when you have had some time to process.

5- Firm up your list - be clear and concise. Be creative in ways you envision this happening for you, but also leave space for total unpredictability! You never truly know the "best" way for something to happen and Spirit may have something up their proverbial sleeves. Also, be kind to yourself when crossing things off the list. It's okay if you are not ready yet for some things but really want them to happen. Part of manifesting is realizing when you have a few steps of healing or growth before you get the big prize.

6- Stand in your truth. You have shifted, changed, grown. Honor yourself by holding your boundaries

strongly and compassionately. Another energetic year is beginning, and you get to be the fresh face you

want to be.

And naturally, don't forget to take time to stop and smell the flowers.

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