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Update + Live Group Events

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Hi Friends!

WOW - I have been on a pretty wild ride the past few months. Quick and dirty update: I have gone deeper into my own inner-self to hull out my "energy container" and and expand (aka, make more space to hold more volume in a transmission during a session). All of this, (shedding relationships, priorities, and shifting into even more compassion, knowledge and awareness), has been in honor of the Bean Chaointe (pronounced "ban queen'cha"). The divine keening woman - who helps midwife grief into relief, pain into pleasure and wounding into embodiment. In 9 more months, I will be birthing myself into the full picture of who I have seen in my dreams -- a truly limitless and sovereign channel for the Divine Mother. I am so honored to be a vessel for this expression of the Divine - and cannot wait to share with those who will be ready to heal in this way.

Until then, I am stepping into more visibility and that means GROUP SESSIONS BABY! In person for those around the Richmond and Ashland, VA areas and also virtual breath and shamanic journey sessions for those who are not local!

I am so so so so excited about this next chapter and am honored for those who are participating along for the ride.

To join the fun - go to my offerings page where you will see Live Group Events for upcoming opportunities (or Work with Martha to either book a session or set up a free discovery call).

Here are the ways you can keep informed on whats coming up: my instagram page as I post a month-at-a-glance about the upcoming offerings, there is the monthly email (so please join the mailing list to get first dibs on info), and of course, you can always reach out on email.

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