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What is Intuition? part 1

What is intuition? More importantly, how does it work? This will all be unpacked in the next series of posts geared to breaking down what and how intuition works.

Intuition is defined as the understanding of something immediately, without conscious reasoning. It is the

voice in your mind, the feeling in your stomach, the certain knowing without prior knowledge, or the trusting your voice to say the words that the mind cannot prepare. Intuition is a guide and assists us in helping us gain control over our own lives and experiences. Simply put, our intuition is our highest spiritual self being heard - sharing her wisdom with us so we might make the best choices on our path.

Why is intuition such a big deal? Well, when we follow our intuition we align with the energetic support in

our pursuit of our highest good. Let me rephrase... manifesting is a popular term for going after what you

want (or willing it to you). You cannot manifest anything that is not in your soul's purpose. For example, "I

want to be Queen of England." I am 99.99% positive that is not going to happen, more than any reason

would be because it does it serve me... Instead if I say, "I want to spend more time playing tennis on the

weekends" (and tennis gives me good health, joy, and fulfills my heart) then my intuition will help me

navigate the invisible 'forks in the road' of my daily life that helps enable that outcome.

Intuition tells us to follow a lead when everyone tells us to stay put. Another example, when I was getting

chronic strep infections, I asked in prayer (this was quite a while ago) to find consistent health and wellness. A few weeks later, in frustration that I was sick yet again, I screamed in my head "why is this happening?! why can't I get better?!" and in the back of my mind I heard a voice say "you need to become a Shaman".

Hold the phone. WHAT? What is a shaman?? Well, funny enough I have been a shaman in many past lives

and the quest to re-membering my spiritual truths and wisdoms was one of consistent journeying, shadow

work, and integrations. That being said - it brought me wellness. Maybe not 100%, but it allowed me to clear the path that was holding me back from understanding my mind/body/spirit interdependence. While I still get sick from time to time (and am on a path of full body detoxing right now, woooo), my mental health has never been stronger. I am calmer than I have ever been in my life - all because my intuition told me to pursue something that scared the lights out of me... I followed that voice and that deep knowing to a place of joy, wellness, and love.

So - intuition is amazing.... yes, it never leads you astray, and always helps you learn the most important

lessons so you may grow through life continually getting stronger, more compassionate, self-aware, and ideally finding yourself with the abundance of blessings. (short deviation... it is the man who wants for

nothing who finds themself truly blessed with everything.... food for thought).


This leads to the question, how can we best engage with (hear/feel/see) our intuition?

Intuition is the interplay of three integral circles: awareness, discernment, and psychic gift. These three

concepts are a Venn diagram that co-create intuition, empowering us to honor our truth while living in and

navigating this world.

The next few posts I will be introducing each of these concepts so you might be able to tune into your

intuition more soundly.

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