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Get Connected with Spirit

When people ask me about how to get connected with Spirit guides, how to make their journeys more tangible, or how to understand their intuition - I often ask a question in return, "how are your energetic boundaries?

For a successful relationship with Spirit, you must have boundaries. Those are a key foundation to

understanding your intuition - or having discernment. Boundaries are also not possible without self

awareness - true self awareness: the light and the shadow.

These are fundamental and basic principles to ANY spiritual practice - regardless of lineage, path, age, or

location. Self-Awareness, Boundaries, Intuition are three tines to a fork, or three legs to a stool. You need all three and all three rely on each other. It is a beautiful web of intermingled aspects of your own spiritual self that nourish and support you on your path in life. Learning how to hone yours is easy - there are books, classes that others teach, webinars or podcasts.... but I wanted to create a one-stop space for all of that to be collected for ease of transmission to you. So, I have pulled research from teachers, authors, and listened to the wisdom of my own Spirit Guides to compile the tools into the class: Check Yourself.

This class is pre recorded, self paced and online. I have supported the video content with info sheets and worksheets, and will follow up with you via email to see how everything is going for you. You can reach out with questions any time - so while it is self paced, I am still supporting you along the class :)

This class offers clarity on the four themes which all help you get connected to Spirit and being in right-relationship with Spirit:

1. Energy Awareness (understanding how you engage with energy, how you flow, react, and how your

chakras respond)

2. Self Healing (learning tools to move through disempowering emotions into understanding yourself, your

needs, and honoring the places that need love and healing)

3. Boundaries and Protection (learning how to truly stand up for yourself, honor yourself, speak your

truth, and feel confidence and calm in the process)

4. Intuition and Psychic Gifts (tapping into your wisest inner self so you can hear your truth and guidance from Spirit as you navigate the world around you)

This online class is about equipping you with structured support so you can answer the call from Spirit with a clear heart, focused intent, and embodied trust. Rather than flip flopping between modalities, teachers, or seeking a tradition that might not fit right -- this class shows you the way to find the answers within yourself so that when the time comes to choose your next step, you can do so with confidence and courage.

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