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changing of seasons

Is anyone else yo-yoing right now? This whole "it is dark in the night, JUST KIDDING ITS DARK IN THE

MORNING" and "get your running shoes on its warm mother effers" to "shoot where did I put my winter

jacket" This kind of back and forth, while frustrating and feeling like a cranky emotional game, actually has a bit of a purpose.

Could you imagine being in the depths of winter, resting, recharging, on the couch watching netflix, and all

of a sudden a blast of heat, sunshine, and effervescent energy popped in around you like "OKAY HARRY!


OR - you are doing your summer thing, charging forward with the energy of the warm sun working outside

while building a dream garden - and the lights turned off, everything froze instantly, and you were told "Go

home, Sally, no one wants to see you."


Thats where the significance around the changing of seasons come in... it is imperative in these times of back and forth we see the transition as a gift... think of it like training. You don't want to jump straight into a mile run, so maybe start with some short jogs.

Just the other day I sat back and thought, 'will I ever feel truly rested enough to get fully into spring and

summer energy?" I keet needing time to rest, relax and reflect... and while I don't think that necessarily

stops - I could tell this was my body saying "time to wake up... time to get moving." The time of quiet

stillness is shifting into much energy - excitement from flowers, from trees budding, and from the business of animals (Ostara/Easter is almost here, time of the resurrection annnnnnd time for cuddly farm babies!!!)

This is what the time of moving into spring and fall is all about - finding the time to realize that everything is

moving and its our chance to get our stuff aligned to move with it. It can be super disorienting, for sure. So

here are some small suggestions that might have big payoffs:

1- Recognize that this is a time of change -- the weather will flip flop and daylights savings will throw us off, but the good news is that we are allllllll disoriented so no one is sticking out like a sore thumb.

2- Use this time to do some cleaning up and clearing out. Yes, we do all of that deeeeeep healing during the winter… But this is about cleaning up your environment and your daily habits- Setting yourself up for success for a new energy and a new season. So rearrange, deep clean, Giveaway old clothes, or stop performing habits/behaviors/errands that don’t serve you and your higher self.

3- Begin crafting an intention… Start thinking about who you want to be (or how you want to show up in life) once the season shifts fall into spring or fall. Start dusting off your imagination and envisioning a potential new hobby, new routine and new environment that suits you!

4- Be patient with yourself. So much of transition requires patience and forgiveness for ourselves as we move through uncomfortable spaces and begin to navigate things in a different way. This is new(ish) territory! Be kind to yourself.

5- Remember to witness the highs and lows of transition. These ups and downs do not define you and your

actions right now, instead they are just the movement of the energy around you. Try to take on a surfer

mentality and stay above it all by remembering to have big picture perspective, returning to the heart of you and getting grounded, and finding the joy of every day so you can laugh off the discomfort.

6- Finally, everything is shifting. All the time, every day. So if you get bogged down, overwhelmed, or

otherwise annoyed… Remember that this will pass and the sun will rise again tomorrow giving you

opportunity for another chance to show up for yourself in a way that empowrs and encourages you.

I hope this helps! A new season is coming- find the ways that help you feel the most present and ready.

And if all fails, just sleep/take naps when you can, put on Netflix or bury yourself in a book, and wait until it’s all over LOL!

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