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A Shamanic Manifesto

I believe that by healing ourselves (our blocks, fears, pains and ancestral patterns…), we can achieve spiritual maturity (honor healthy energy boundaries, embody our innate power, and operate from a place of compassion and divine awareness…), and consequently provide healing and nurturing energy for the Earth and all her creations.


I am beyond honored to provide space, facilitate and guide people through their healing process as Shaman. But I would like to explain how my manifesto works:

We all have soul-lutions (soul-led solutions) available to us when we are ready to grow, heal, and shift our motivations. By going inward with the help of a guide (aka shaman or skilled healer), we find inner harmonies and courage to help us move out of blocks and patterns, traumas and fears, and into an embodied and present state of self-awareness that empowers us to make choices that support our boundaries, essence spirit, and lived experience.

By working to uncover our unique truth and light, and moving the pains and blocks out of the way, we begin to see the full expansion of our own innate power. By honoring our own power, we can begin to see divine truths in the human collective and within the world around us – stepping out of an “us” vs “them” mentality and believing that all polarities are equally held, valid, and significant. By respecting and holding ourselves, we can have the awareness that the balanced web of all life is interdependent and sacred. This paradigm shift in our lived experience and self-knowing enables us to release patterns of behavior that derive from our ancestral lines and provide healing space for our ancestors and descendants. This can beneficially impact the ancestors of the land on which we (have) live(d). Therefore, I argue, that every healing session supports not only the individual but beneficially impacts the greater human community – and by extension, the land and earth. Through these inner healings, we make space for more peace, understanding, acceptance, balance and harmony in the world around us… whether that is in our relationships, our homes, our communities, or in nature.

So, you see… All of that IS possible. We begin by looking within. We do it by healing and honoring ourselves. You are not alone… I am here, ready and willing, to help you through the chaos and into sovereignty. Whether that is virtual or in person, in a group session or individual… I am ready to serve the great Earth Mother by helping YOU. We are all family in this massive global community – and I show up for my family.

I am honored by my relationship with my helping spirits and Earth Mother and that they called me to this work. And I am honored by all those who, in the past or in the future, have invited me to be a part of their healing path. Thank you all for affirming this work that I do, my belief in why I do it.

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